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Certified Professional Investigator (CPI)

The Security Services and Professional Investigator’s Act requires any person in BASHA who works in any of the positions below must have a license. To obtain this license an individual must complete a mandatory training program and write a provincial exam. The BASHA Investigator’s Training course consists of nine modules to be taught on-line over a period of 50-60 hours or more. The course outcomes for this training are intended to provide participants with knowledge and skills in their role and responsibilities as a professional investigator.

Students can expect to learn the fundamentals of investigation. This is a comprehensive course that covers many facets of the investigative process. It begins with the foundation of the investigative process and covers various specific topics such as rules of evidence, interviewing, documentation, report writing, courtroom testimony and other related topics.

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Certified Professional in Bio-Forensics (CPBF)

Forensic biologists inspect crime scenes for potential sources of evidence such as blood, saliva, and hair, and then they analyze the specimens in a laboratory, focusing on DNA analysis. They write up their findings in technical reports and are called upon to testify in court. Forensic biologists typically work for government agencies. Forensic biologists, also called forensic science technicians, work in a wide variety of environments, including those with poor weather conditions, landfills and other hazardous locations, as well as laboratories and office settings. They often work in teams and occasionally must complete their work independently. Such biologists work in shifts which may be during the day, evening, late nights, and/or evenings, depending on seniority. The job may carry an emotional toil when it involves work in the aftermath of violent crimes.

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Certified Professional in Accounting Forensics

This Course in Forensic Accounting provides a fascinating and comprehensive introduction to an extraordinarily important and challenging area of modern finance. Forensic accountants are required to work with businesses at all levels and public sector organisations alike, for the purposes of both investigating suspected fraudulent activity and generally monitoring, analysing and controlling appropriate use of business finances. With no prior knowledge or experience required, this intensive Forensic Accounting Course, guides candidates through every important element of the forensic accountant’s responsibilities, along with the role such professionals play in a wide variety of settings. Course content on this Forensic Accounting Certification, begins with a broad introduction to the concept of both forensic accounting and fraud, outlining exactly what it is that constitutes fraud and where the forensic accountant fits into the picture.

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Certified Forensic Analyst in Questioned & Documentation (CFAQD)

Forensic analysis in Questioned & Documentation is generally offered as part of a forensic science degree program. Learn about programs and coursework at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree levels, as well as career info for forensic science technicians. As colleges and universities generally don’t offer forensic analyst degree programs, students interested in the topic should instead enroll in a forensic science program; forensic science is offered at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree levels.

Students in forensic science programs learn the basics of crime scene investigation, including how to collect, interpret and preserve evidence. There will be some overlap in subject matter between bachelor’s degree and master’s degree programs, but courses in the latter are more specialized.

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Certified Professional in Digital Forensics (CPDF)

BASHA has successfully delivered it certified digital forensic courses to numerous law enforcement and legal professionals as well as private corporations across all industry sectors. Our programme is aimed at forensic investigators, digital security practitioners and those with computer forensic experience wanting to develop skills further in order to conduct thorough, efficient and comprehensive investigations. Expert-led trainers and practical technical exercises will ensure you have the latest industry best knowledge practice knowledge and tools to conduct the most effective digital forensic investigations for your organisation.

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